We call it V.A.M.O.S., an spanish acronym that translated means the following actions:

To visit

We believe a courtesy to return the visit to the guests attending our services. A visit opens the door to evangelization and to the ministration of those people.

To encourage

Discouragement and loneliness are common feelings among Christians who are going through trials and tribulations. Sometimes even faithful members of the congregation may spend periods of absence that the enemy uses to spiritually wreck those members.

To ministry

To help people use prayer and seek the Holy Spirit for practical and personal application of Biblical principles. Just listening to the person who is in crisis let us know their unique situation . When we know the details , we can then help that person to make decisions based on the Bible and establish a relationship of spiritual mentoring.

To pray

Prayer is what moves the arm of the omnipotence of God and begins a relationship of both parties with the Almighty. There are 5 main types of prayer identified in the Scriptures, petitions, intercessions, acknowledgments (praise), confessions and worship. The most common type used in VAMOS prayer is intercession, and we pray for the needs of the people that we visit.

And to Share the Gospel

Bring the plan of salvation, so that the visited person believes in Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior.


During the year we plan different activities to spread God´s Word. Last year we did Calle 8, an initiative to reach people from one of the most famous streets in the city, close to our church building. We also have a yearly outreach event known as GLOW. This is a special time of worship and gathering to reach young people for The Lord. Different ministries are part of these occasions also in Holidays. If God has placed it in your heart to participate in this ministry, please contact us.