Audio Visual

This ministry exists to provide audio-visual support to the church and all its main meetings in an excellent and efficient manner. The ministry helps in three main areas: lights, sound and video. The level of efficiency and excellence is maintained through intense training, maintenance and the acquisition of affordable and available new technology.


The main goal of this ministry is to inspire worship, share and express God´s truth in a creative way. We want to be used by God in special occasions with the talents that He has given us.

Creative Team

The Creative Team is made up of a dynamic group of makers and shakers that enjoy using their talents, passions and skills in the arts to help amplify the Word of God and support the vision of our pastors. We are always excited to use our creativity to bring others closer to Christ!


We work close with Audio Visual and Creative teams in order to use technology and resources to keep our mass media updated. If you enjoy the areas of photography, video editing or social media, you are more than welcome to join. We would like to take it to the next level and we appreciate any help we could get.